Frequently Asked Questions

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

For any other questions or suggestions to improve our service you can contact us at SUPPORT@FREELIKES.CLUB.

What is this website about?

FREELIKES.CLUB is a simple but powerful website where you can get unlimited likes for your Instagram pictures for FREE.

Why do I need more likes for my pictures?

Getting more likes will result in higher exposure of the picture and further in more followers. You will become more famous!

Are the likes from real Instagram users?

Yes, they are genuinely real-looking. Some are regularly active, and some are less active. Many companies/websites advertise and sell “real likes/followers”. If you try them, you will mostly end up with fake ghost followers.

Our likes are of the highest quality and are real-looking! You can try and see – it’s FREE!

Should I give you any personal information to get the likes?

NO! We don’t need your Instagram password, profile name or any other personal information. All we need is the link of the picture, which should be public (not in private profile) in order for our service to work.

How many likes can I get?

With our service you can get unlimited likes but always be careful not to get a lot more likes on a post than your current followers. However, it is possible even more – all depends on the profile activity.

What if I exceed the limit?

There isn’t hard limit because everything depends on the specific profile, number of followers, its activity etc. Possible consequences of exceeding the limit – temporary loss of the ability to get likes.

Why I don’t get likes?

The reasons why you not getting likes may vary. Possible reasons:

  1. Your account is private.
  2. You are trying to get likes on a gallery. UPDATE – You can get likes on gallery now.
  3. You are trying to get a lot more likes than the recommended (this may vary so check the pulsing hint in the home page).
  4. In the field “Limit of likes” you have to put higher number than your current likes. If your picture have 500 likes at the moment and you want to get it to 900 you have to put 900 in the field and not 400. Also, the desired minimum number of likes that you want to receive is 30 (example: you have 500 likes – you have to enter minimum 530).
  5. There is an issue we are working on at the moment where the likes don’s start or stop in the middle of the process. A temporary workaround is described when you point the pulsing hint. This is because the server doesn’t get all the requests that the site sends so we have to send more. It still works very good but not the way we want it – perfect.

Why is this service free?

FREELIKES.CLUB is a free product that does not bring direct income to its developers but brings great benefits to its users. However, in order to maintain the server, we need to run simple ads on the website. No one likes ads. We know that. But ads help us pay the bills. Please whitelist our website in your adblocker extension. Your patience is highly appreciated and we hope our service can be worth it.

Is the service safe to use?

Yes. It is completely safe to use if you follow our guideline. You will never get temporary blocked, banned or with limited functions of your account. Be careful not to achieve 100k likes on a profile with 50 followers (example) as it may result in temporary limitation of receiving likes.

Sometimes the likes stop coming, why is that?

Yes, we are aware of this issue and we are working on a solution. A temporary workaround is to refresh the page or the request to the server and reenter the URL of the picture and the likes. For more information hover the pulsing hint in the home page.

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