How to get free Instagram likes?

Using our website and service is very easy. Just follow the steps below and watch the video:

Copy the URL of your Instagram picture. You can use mobile or desktop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the pulsing hint for more info!

Put the link into "Link to the post" field. The link must be from public profile.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the pulsing hint for more info!

Enter the number on which you want to stop getting likes into "Limit of likes" field. Example: you have 500 and you want to have 900 - you enter 900 not 400.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the pulsing hint for more info!

Press the "START" button and wait few sec or minutes for the service to begin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the pulsing hint for more info!

Video tutorial

Free likes for Instagram and why are they so important?

When you notify someone "Hey, I came across a website for free Instagram likes online" he'll probably laugh at your face and will say that such thing is impossible. Why he doesn't believe you? Because Instagram likes are a very important part of each and every Instagram account - they make your posts viral, they give you more followers, this is the bread and salt of every Instagram profile thus it can't be free, it would be too easy, no? Wrong, and I am here with the free Instagram likes website to demonstrate this to you. If you spare one minute of your time I will provide a brief info why these likes are so important for every Instagram user.

About this great social network.

Instagram has 550 million active users each month and in public media popularity, it sits just next to Facebook! This means it is the most preferred social network for photography and video sharing. Every single day Instagram users are posting nearly 100 million images and videos, and all these posts get a total of 4.3 billion likes. A single, interesting post can get viral and get millions of likes. It's not merely superstar Instagram profiles that reach such numbers: practically 70% of Instagram users always interact with the posts of brands. These brands are reporting interaction rate ten times more than on Facebook, and nearly 100 times more than on their Twitter profiles. This is insane, isn't it? With such level of user interaction, Instagram gives us a unique way to communicate with fans and clients, to build one community around our profiles, that's impossible to attain in other marketing fields, different social networks too. However, in order to start interacting with customers and fans, you will have to get their eye on you where our free Instagram likes app will help. Yes - Free Likes Club will do its job but you will need to have a clear plan in your mind and a goal to aim for.

Instagram like? What is this?

A lot of social networks have the option to like specific profile's posts and Instagram isn't very different. Users can do this vital action simply by double tapping on your picture (if they use mobile) or click the lovely heart icon just under your post. Giving likes is super easy and can be done even by users that are not following you. And what makes the likes so special? They're usually the first step of getting a new follower. The likes show that someone is interested in your post but these likes can build targeted followers and further a huge community, getting your content viral and in top position in each hashtag. Every brand needs more likes because these likes help them build their trustworthiness and they know that only a few likes on a post can hurt their name, business, and reputation. That is why we all need more likes on each post and become more reputable.

Getting likes online was very hard before we open Free Likes Club. A lot of the serious Instagram marketers were buying, and still do, Instagram likes. This tactic is risky and not very cost efficient. These days, to get free likes on Instagram, all you have to do is visit our website and enter only URL and number. You don't have to pay anything or give us anything in exchange - no passwords, emails, surveys, registrations. We have made it as easy as possible for you. It is effortless to get free Instagram likes fast even from your mobile phone as our website is mobile optimised and working as an app! And not only that - the website is fast and you can get 1000 likes for Instagram free in under 1 hour, possibly even faster. However, do not confuse our service with a bot, this is not free Instagram likes bot - our service is legitimate and we provide only real likes. As we mentioned before this is free Instagram likes no survey website and all it needs is an URL and number of desired likes. Just try with 100 free Instagram likes trial, see how fast you will get them and if you find the service useful, get more after that. We do not recommend to put more likes after you get your posts in top 9 of the specific hashtags. This is, by far, the most important part of every account growth and getting in top 9 ranks should be your priority because this means your posts will be viral. More people will see them which will result in more followers. And here our service really shines - it gets your posts in TOP positions very fast!

Free Likes Club is just a marketing tool so you will have to think of a solid account growth strategy based on your specific goal. Placing catchy posts with nice titles is super fun and many people love them but without this strategy growing your account will be more of a game than serious business.

Using our website regularly will guarantee you steady, permanent followers and likes flow. Just come in here after each post publishes and enter the data in the empty fields. Combining our service with different techniques may result in an even better outcome. Just make sure that your profile is public, otherwise, Free Likes Club won't work. And keep the tutorial in mind as it may change with different updates. Assuming that you like our service and you find it useful, please make sure that you share it on the social media so more people can benefit and help us improve it even more.

Our website and service, in general, will continue to surprise you as we have plans to add free followers for Instagram! This will be a great option for all our users and will attract even more people using our site. This will not, in any case, be "free followers on Instagram" tool that is against their terms of service as all the followings you receive will be genuine and only from real users, who actually choose to follow you. As we said before, the website is mobile friendly and this will act as the best Instagram followers app! In any case, your benefit from Free Likes Club will be huge and we will never charge for anything. And you will find anything you need for your account growth right here without the need of using any tools. You won't need to pay monthly subscription for any other service, ever.

By the end, we'd like to add that the only likes that matter are the ones that result from real people who want to engage with you as well as your content. Many services offer likes but they are far from real and won't give you anything, just a waste of money. The best part of Free Likes Club is that the free Instagram likes are only from real users. And remember it is only fair to share.

Get free Instagram likes online

We guarantee...

Easy to use website!

Just copy and paste your image URL, choose desired likes and hit the start button. Nothing more! We don't need your passwords, completing boring surveys or registration.

Safe to use!

With our free service, your account is completely safe. You won't get temporarily blocked or banned by Instagram because the people liking your posts are real users with hundreds or thousands of followers. You can even message them.

Powerful Feature!

You get unlimited free likes from real Instagram users with real followers. Your posts exposure will achieve new height. You will become more famous and more people will follow you.
1000 likes for instagram free

Grow your Business Fast!

With the likes that we provide your pictures and videos will get a lot more impressions, more people will know about your awesome and your brand will be well known. The only thing you have to do is use the website regularly.

Upcoming updates and fixes:

Fix for the occasionally stops/pauses.

A temporary workaround is to refresh (or close and reopen) the page and reenter the URL with the likes until it starts again.

Update for post visualization.

You will be able to see the pictures/videos and the likes directly on our site, in real time, without visiting Instagram.

(DONE, looking for more suggestions) Adding more responsive design for our mobile users.

The form with the button are 100% working on mobile too and we will soon make it more responsive.

Adding free service for followers.

We will add followers too! No more ghosted followers from different services - you will get unlimited real users following you for free!

(Added invisible CAPTCHA) Adding reCAPTCHA

In the past few weeks we are facing a lot of abuse on the website and this results in slower and poor user experience. That is why we have to add reCAPTCHA. It will improve the normal user experience a lot.

Full Instagram account management!

In the next few days, we will introduce new service for Instagram following and unfollowing, liking, commenting and scheduled posting. Stay tuned!

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